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Where to Buy the Over-the-Knee Boots That Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and More Love

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It wasn’t that long ago when over-the-knee boots carried a stigma (you know, the one worn by certain women on certain street corners with certain cut-out mini dresses). But look how quickly we got over that, because not one winter goes by without an overwhelming abundance of thigh-high boots seen at every turn. It’s become an off-duty staple (and a huge boot trend). 

And since we generally look to celebrities for real-life guidance for all things fashion (or as “real” as you can get when you’re part of the Hollywood elite), we found style lessons in their OTK boot-wearing ways. A low stacked heel in dark neutrals knocks down the “look at me” factor, even when paired with a mini wrap dress, a la Gigi Hadid, or short shorts (see: Fergie). Into making a statement? Standout hues, like Taylor Swift’s ruby red velvet pair, or skinny stilettos (so long as you ground the high-maintenance heel with a casual knit and jeans) will do the trick. We did our thing and ID-d and located the exact thigh-high boots that the stars are loving; shop all seven, below.


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